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Employer Representation

The Employment and Labor Law Rules in the United States and Denmark are vastly different. In short, the Danish environment is very highly regulated whereas the American system, except as to public policy issues, leaves more to the parties’ agreement. Further, employee expectations vary dramatically. A Danish mid-level employee may expect six weeks’ vacation annually, whereas his or her American counterpart may be satisfied with two weeks’ time off.

Employment agreements simply do not lend themselves to a “one size fits all” approach in the United States. In many instances, the law of the state where the employee provides services will govern disputes. Thus, your agreement with that employee must conform to local laws. With 50 states, that’s a lot to consider.

Martensen Wright PC assists clients in developing appropriate employment contracts from the start. We work to include enforceable protections for your trade secrets and proprietary information. Where appropriate, we include clauses to discourage employees from improper competition once they leave your employ. We prepare and put in place employee handbooks which clearly set forth employer policies – – policies that protect both the employer and the employee. We counsel our clients when disputes arise, and offer guidance on how to meet company goals without creating a lawsuit.