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Tax Advice

Most commercial transactions, and certainly the establishment of businesses in another country, give rise to tax considerations. The tax environment pertaining to transactions between the United States and Denmark is always rather complex in that at least four sets of rules are involved, namely the domestic Danish laws, the federal American tax laws, the relevant state laws in the United States and the rules in the Tax Treaty entered into between Denmark and the United States. At Martensen Wright PC, we work to assure that your transactions are structured to generate the most favorable tax treatment within the framework of the applicable law. The tax advice we provide is connected to a number of activities such as the establishment of a subsidiary or other business entities in the United States and in Denmark, the tax consequences of entering into various commercial contracts, and the tax consequences for individuals who are being stationed in either the United States or in Denmark.

Further, we provide tax advice on the consequences of local and multi-state corporate transactions, such as mergers, divisions, consolidations and recapitalizations.