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Probate & Cross Border Estate Planning

In focusing on international clientele, we are cognizant that our business clients have personal needs as well. The number of people who live or have family living in more than one country increases daily. More and more clients have international investments or multinational business interests.  Such individuals have unique concerns when providing for their families and protecting their commercial interests in the event of death or incapacity, and almost always require high-level advance planning.

Martensen Wright PC is well-equipped to provide the sophisticated multi-national planning its clients need.  Keeping pace with a new, dynamic world, our attorneys focus on each client’s individual needs to develop a customized plan which addresses the following:

  • U.S. gift and generation-skipping transfer taxation
  • Jurisdiction selection and conflicts of laws
  • Specialized planning to anticipate future jurisdictional changes
  • Protection and transfer of assets to local and foreign beneficiaries
  • International income and estate tax, including the creation of U.S. and non-U.S. entities and structures

Martensen Wright PC also focuses on International probate. Special expertise is required and can be provided by Martensen Wright PC with respect to international probate and family law matters, especially in relation to the Scandinavian countries. For example, if you are inheriting assets that are located in United States and you have completed the probate process in Denmark, this does not automatically mean that you can obtain the assets located in the United States. In fact, you would have to go through the United States probate process again. This can be very burdensome, and extensive knowledge of the other country’s probate law is required to be successful.