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Establishing Scandinavian businesses in the U.S. every day.

Corporate Formation & Guidance

Entering the U.S. Market? Are you hiring employees, and if so, where will they provide services? Are you considering setting up a U.S. corporation? Thinking about an “Inc.” or an “LLC”? Wondering where to incorporate? You have 50 states from which to choose! Or were you considering establishing a branch office of your existing company?

The choices you make on each of these questions will have significant and far reaching impacts on the taxes and corporate fees your company will pay. Your choices will affect whether you and your company may both face taxation on the same income (double taxation).

Our professionals offer guidance that will allow you to establish your business in a state that best suits your needs. We will consider potential liabilities, and seek to maximize the protections afforded you by the corporate structure. We will advise you which state’s laws are most favorable to you in the context of your business plan.

We will then form the appropriate corporate entity, secure your corporate tax ID number, prepare your corporate book and issue your corporate shares.

Martensen Wright PC offers corporate secretary services. We handle the day-to-day details, assuring that your company complies with the formalities and requirements imposed upon your business by the states in which you do business, thus preserving the protections against personal liability afforded by the corporate structure.

We can assist you in securing business licenses, and the very practical requirements of running a business in the U.S., such as establishing a bank account.

Once established, we offer legal guidance going forward. And if the need arises, we assist with securing registrations to do business in other states, consolidations, multi-state mergers, and if need be, liquidations and dissolutions.

We have established subsidiaries for hundreds of Danish and other Scandinavian companies. Our services are efficient and cost effective.